Saturday’s Featured Adoption Book!- A Gift for Little Tree

A Gift for Little Tree

A Gift for Little Tree is one of my personal favorites. The imagery, the message, and the story will bring anyone to beautiful tears. Sometimes I don’t know if it is more for the parent or the child. The story is written in a way that points to infertility however the book relates to any parent regardless of a past of infertility or not.

Pros: Great Story line. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful Story. Endorsed by Jedd Medefind,  President of CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans) and also Sherrie Eldridge, author of “20 Things Adopted Kids Wished their Adoptive Parents Knew. There is a clear spiritual/Christian undertone yet this book could be for anyone.

Cons: None. But there are points to consider. This book is written for an older child, perhaps 4 years and above. It will not hold a 2 or 3 year olds interest which also means it may not be the first book to begin to read to your child about adoption.  It has beautiful metaphors which may be difficult for them to grasp if you are just initiating the discussion with them.

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