Saturday’s Featured Book- Over the Moon, An Adoption Tale

Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale

Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale and the book I featured last week, A Gift for Little Tree, go back and forth as my top favorite adoption book. I think  Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale is more “little kid friendly” than Little Tree because the story is straight forward and not written in metaphors. I love this book. Which says a lot because I am head over heals for Little Tree too.

Pros: The most beautiful artwork of any book I have seen. The story shows how much this child was longed and hoped for and how all the relatives and neighbors were excited to meet this child once they were home. This is important since many adult adoptees express that at some point in their childhood they felt a sense of rejection when processing their adoption story. This book portrays the excitement and belonging that surrounds this child. The story line points toward an international adoption; however the book is wonderful for any child with an adoption story.

Cons: There are really no cons but there are somethings I would like to expand on. The story of this book shows an infant/baby adoption. A child who is adopted later in life may not relate to this story line. If your child came into your family as an older child, A Gift for Little Tree, may be more appropriate given their age and A Gift for Little Tree is written for an older child to comprehend.

Side Note: This author/illustrator also wrote a wonderful book on skin color called, The Colors of Us, which is perfect for transracial adoption and celebrating different races. I picked up the book at the library and fell in love with it not realizing it was from the same author as Over the moon. And the artwork is just as fabulous.

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