Saturdays Book Review- My Adoption Feelings

My Adoption Feelings: A Guide to Children’s Experience with Adoption

This is a book that should be in the home of every family who is impacted by adoption or foster care. I don’t say that lightly. This book gets to the heart of the child’s fears and confusion and provides them with a clear platform of processing and communicating their feelings. When I first read this book, I kept reading pages out loud to my husband because I was excited about the value this book brings to its readers. This book is unlike anything I have seen in the marketplace.

Below are the pros and cons. And transparently, there are no cons.

Pros: This book is written by two women. One is an adoptive mom and the other is a licensed mental health counselor. The book is clearly written in a way to help a child express themselves and understand their evolving emotions when it comes to their adoption story. It is geared toward younger children, perhaps 3 years to 8 years old, however the tools in this book could be used by parents who have much older children. The dialog provides ways to cope with feelings of anger or fear and the authors have created a safe and fool-proof way to start having transparent conversations with your children, all while validating and affirming the child. There is also a parent guide in the back to provides parents with tools and resources in understanding their children.

Cons: None. I almost wish I could list something so this review gives a more balanced approach but the book is written with such love and also such intelligence that is on point.

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