Saturday Book Review- Family By Love

Family By Love: A Story of Open Adoption

Oh, I am excited to share this book with you. This is a special book. This book is unique in the fact that it is not written for the adoptee! It is written for the siblings of the adoptee and preparing their hearts and minds for a new sibling entering their home. Family By Love: A Story of Open Adoption hits on the topics of open adoption, transracial adoption, the Gospel and the Lord’s love for adoption, and discussion of the birth mom and her value.

Pros: Wonderful art work, and real topics that are delivered in the story line. This story covers so many topics that a child will see during the adoption process. This book also shows a transracial adoption which is wonderful for transracial families but it is also relevant for any adoption which may not be transracial. This is the first book I have seen which is specifically geared toward preparing other children in the home. This is a much needed resource.

The website is also Amazing. There are so many free resources and pieces of artwork for adoptive parents.

Cons: NONE! There are things to consider. This book is written for a child 5 years old or above. If your child is older, this book can still be used as a wonderful facilitator of discussion but the story line and content will need to be discussed further in their age appropriate dialog.

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