Saturday Book Review- Life Is Sweeter With Honey. How to Create A Joy Filled Life

So my heart is happy, and the words I speak are words of joy. Yes, even my body will live with hope. Acts 2:26

Inhale, Exhale, Sigh. Life Is Sweeter with Honey: How to Create a Joy Filled Life is a much needed breath of fresh air. With countless distractions the Joy of life will go right out the window without conscious intention. The beautiful author of this book, Honey Beth Wiggs, sent me this book when I needed it the most. Right after our 5th foster placement, when my mind and heart were tired and raw with emotion.

Have you ever forgot how to dream? How to have a clear vision of what you want your family to be about and to focus on? For me, I can go through the day, which turns to weeks, then to months and lose focus on the joy and hope and dreams of my family, and myself. This happens with all parents, but if you are an adoptive/foster parent, it is easy to run from one thing to the next and somehow lose your joy in the midst of the case workers appointments and paperwork.

“Do you realize you have the opportunity to shape a healthy family environment?………A vision. Not a thought or picture in your head of what life could be like, but a clear, purposeful, well thought out, written down vision. Remember, a goal that is not written down stays a dream. Put it to pen and paper (page 20 &21).”

This quick excerpt is followed by clear guided exercise to allow you to create your vision. To see “your why.” To analyze how you spend your time. To think about your hopes and dreams and aligning your life where there may be gaps between where you are currently, and where you hope to be. To learn to say no to many things in life so you can say yes to what you should be saying yes to.

To Fill you cup.

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