Saturday Book Review- Sometimes…..

SOMETIMES… A Story of Transition For Foster and Adopted Children

When I read this book I cried tears of joy and, you know, all those emotions that we foster moms feel. This book captures the raw emotions of a child in foster care. The confusion, loss, curiosity and possibility of hope of a child who has gone through trauma and loss.

Keri Vellis is the author and a fellow foster mom who has 6 kids total, 3 biological and 3 adopted from foster care.   Jin Lehr,  the beautiful  illustrator , spent her childhood in foster care and used art as an outlet.  The partnership of these two paint a cohesive and understandable picture of what a child may be experiencing. The age range for this book would be from around 4-9 years however I could see it stretching from 2 years to 13 years given different children’s needs. This book serves as a resource for the child but equally so  for the foster parent who desires to engage and help to heal the brokenness the child is feeling.

Pros: It is clear the author and illustrator have hands on knowledge which is transparent in capturing the character and wording in the book.

Con: None.

Things to Consider: There is a page which captures the various family structures foster homes come in. It will encompass the family unit your foster child will be in currently or may see in the future; Single Mom, Grandma, Husband and Wife, and Same Sex. It will also encompass the family unit they were removed from. I fully know everyone has an opinion on what a proper family unit should or shouldn’t look like. Please consider this section to not be a political tactic or an attempt to undermine  or promote a belief system.  The fact is that the homes your foster son or daughter will see do come in these varieties. As a foster mom I have seen this first hand and worked with kind foster homes of different types. The page in this book is factual representation and  you as a foster parent can use it as a talking point with your foster son or daughter as seen fit.

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