Our Favorite Gifts for Kids- With a Focus on Transracial Families and a Gift or Two for Mom too…


Hey Friends! Yeah you. My procrastinating, coffee drinking, mama friend.
Its less than a week from Christmas and I STILL don’t have all my gift purchased. BUT I know some of you don’t either because I am getting notes from friends asking what they should get their adopted niece, or new parents to a beautiful child who came to them via adoption. So without a lot of wordy flare, I’m gonna list my faves in no particular order.  Some of these are adoption specific, some are transracial adoption specific, and some are just wonderful gifts for diverse families and kids of all kinds.

The Cutest Art 

I have art similar this in my girls room. The beautiful diversity shows and what a special gift.  Also check out Beth Snider’s Spirited Paper art below which is perfect for kids.


The Colors of Us 

My number one kids book when discussing races. The artwork is wonderful and the wording is fun and honoring.

Shopping with Dad 

This was a book I picked up a booth at a farmers market and had no idea how much we would LOVE it. It is simple. Nothing fancy, but the story line and racial diversification in the story is wonderful. It is not specifically adoption related but the diversification and the sweet story line makes it a favorite.

Last Stop on Market Street 

This book is loved by many. Its the Winner of the 2016 Newbery Medal A 2016 Caldecott Honor Book A 2016 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Book. It is not specific toward adoption but the diversification is wonderful.

Sweet Asian Baby Doll 

This doll hit my heart strings, probably because we have an adoption in progress in China and it’s not often I see a baby doll who represents a child from Asia. This one is so incredibly sweet and what a precious gift it would make for a special child of any race.

The Two books below should be in every Adoptive Household, in my humble opinion…

My Adoption Feelings- 

This book has been featured multiple times on the Loving Well Living Well blog and IG. It is a favorite in our home and is written by an adoptive mom and also a licensed mental healthy counselor. Check out the review but more importantly this is a perfect gift for an adoptive family. It is a child book but is also a tool for the parents as well.

The Connected Child 

Any foster, adoptive or bio parent needs to own this book. It is life changing. I am going to leave it at that.

Katie’s personal favorites and Worth the Wait –  These are items you may not get before Christmas BUT are so worth the wait.  Hint, you can order, and give your special person a HINT of what they will be getting in the mail.

Spirited Paper – Beth Snider is a book illustrator and I just swoon over her sweet characters. She offers diverse art work and paper dolls from one of my favorite artists.

Art By Cady- I have a huge love for this artist mom. Her art takes my breath away AND she is an adoptive mom, so of course I am Smitten. I am personally hoping I unwrap a gift from my husband that is from her collection. I have HINTED a good handfuls of times. Maybe this is a present for the parents more than kids 🙂



Love you guys. I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas filled with worship and relaxation.


Love, Katie



*Some of these are affiliate links. Others are not. All are loved by us at Loving Well Living Well 

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