HI THERE….I’m Katie

Here is a quick run down.

I love Jesus. I am so incredibly imperfect. Like, so incredibly imperfect. I sin all the time but this Savior of mine keeps refreshing my heart in Him and allows me to be His child. I have grown but I am a stumbler and He is a picker-upper.

I love my husband. Josh is pretty much the best.  I married up,  although I thought he was the lucky ducky when I was walking down the aisle to him in 2011.

I love my girls. My first daughter is 100% extrovert and loves sushi. In so many ways she is my mini me. She made me a mom and came to us via a domestic adoption which was a 6 week turn around from phone call to baby in arms. She is my precious first-born. My second daughter came to us “the old-fashioned way.” She is my first daughter’s ying to her yang and they love each other deeply which is the best gift a mom could ask for outside of her children knowing the Lord.

I love adoption and foster care. Josh and I are foster parents. We have an international adoption in the works (China) and we also know the pain of an adoption not panning out and a birth mother changing her mind. Adoption and Foster Care are beautiful. They  also can be incredibly painful and make you second guess how much you truly trust the Lord.  I would take the pain all over again for all the beauty and refining it has brought.

I love passionate women. Women who pray to the Lord AND THEN are moved to daily Action, putting their comfort and fears on the back burner. I love women who are movers and shakers. Who love with their HEART,  SOUL, MIND and STRENGTH (Luke 10:27) in complete unison, with no sense of fragmented faith. Who are not afraid to get their hands and lives dirty  and completely inconvenienced because they know that is exactly what Christ has done for them.

I love people who want to say YES to foster care and adoption. I love telling my story to them in hopes that it is a catalyst for them to say YES.

I love that you stopped by this page. Your thoughts are welcome here and I would love to hear from you and I am excited to be on this journey with you.

Love, Katie