Dear Friend,

You are valuable. Let me say that again. You Are Valuable. Why do you not see that daily? Even though you may not feel like to you belong to a certain norm, a certain category, a certain box of people; that is because you were not meant to be normal.

You were not created to live a passive and safe and cookie cutter life. You are designed to march to the beat of your own drum. A beat that the Lord has created for the one and only you.

There is no such time as being ready. Now is the time. Don’t let more time pass. Take that First step toward greatness, or that next step that has been hanging over your head. Tomorrow is today. Sieze it.

Do what you are supposed to do. And by all means, do it well.

Love, Katie

** I have been struggling a lot with self-value. The point of saying this is not to get praise or affection. And really, when you are struggling with self-value, praise doesn’t typically fill a void because the void is a deep rooted issue. An Issue that you believe Satan’s lies more than you believe God’s Truths.

I have realized lately that A LOT of women battle this. A sense of overall failure or a lack of belonging.

I was recently with a large group of women at a conference and was asked to write a letter to a woman in the group but I was not told who that woman would be. I took this letter very seriously because I was struggling so much and feeling like a failure in all aspects of my life.

Later after writing this letter we were told to read our words to ourselves. Be kind to ourselves. Speak life into Our Own Life.


I cried. Perhaps an ugly cry but who cares about the details. I realized a lot of women probably feel like me. A lot of women, including myself need to hear these words.

So Friends, This is for you. These words are for you…..and for me. But very much for you.flowersinajar