Saturday Book Review


Hi Friend,

I have had someone the other day stop and give me adoption and foster care advice. Great right? Well, the kicker is this person has Never adopted or fostered in their life. Who would have thought everyone was so knowledgeable! Let’s face it, there are more resources and opinions on adoption and foster care than ever before but they all are not created equal. And we only have so much time and energy and we need to get this right for our kids, so this Saturday book review is to help you cut to the chase and get the quality resource you need.

This Saturday Book Review is to help filter through resources and give candid feedback from a mothers perspective, a Christian perspective and also perspective of a mom who wants to fight for healthy family dynamic by helping my child address their foster or adoption story.  I hope this helps, and I am always open to recommendations or receiving a book to read and review as well.

Love, Katie



My Adoption Feelings 

Life Is Sweeter than Honey 

Family By Love 

Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born 

A Gift for Little Tree

Over the Moon 

Adoption Is A Life Long Journey